The YJG is born

The Young Jewellers Group was created on June 4th 2011. The young members of the industry needed to take a stand to make positive change for the future of the industry. Ewen Ryley and Brett Low answered that call and hence, Young Jewellers Group was born.

The floodgates open

The group was originally intended as the name suggests, for young people. With an age limit of 16-35, the group quickly grew to 300 members. But, there came time when the group required some more experienced members to contribute with proven techniques and share their knowledge base. So we decided to open it up to the all members of the industry. Then the group exploded! It fast became an amazing platform for networking and completely revolutionized the industry as we know it today.

International recognition

At present, there are over 5000 members and over 18,000 posts, comments and reactions per month. It is the largest jewellery industry group in Australasia and has become the “go to” place for all members of the industry, both nationally and internationally.

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