Deals & coupons

Listing owners can drive more business by offering unlimited deals & coupons to their visitors, while also setting a count-down timer. Showcase in various styles and positions to best fit your needs.


  • Coupon code
  • Count-down for deals
  • Easily manage from user-dashboard


A state-of-the-art User Interface for the Suppliers and Contractors dashboard. Carefully designed to do business with most useful insights from a single pane of glass.


  • Total new experience with intuitive User Interface
  • View daily, weekly, monthly or yearly statistics
  • Get low-rating alerts
  • Manage reviews, leads, events, coupons, menu, ads etc.
  • Internal messaging to capture leads and communicate with clients.
  • Choose from tons of templates to create announcements.

Events management

Suppliers and Contractors can take things to another level by hosting and promoting upcoming events directly on their business listing in a very simple and sleek way.


  • Built-in events management
  • Link to ticket page
  • Very simple to create and manage

Claim & verify listing

Suppliers and wholesalers can establish the ownership of their business by claiming and verifying with the site-admin and earn the claimed badge to build trust with customers and generate more leads.


  • Build trust
  • Generate more leads & revenue

Advanced review & rating

Make your visitors think twice before leaving less than 3 stars with our emoji (emotion-based) rating system and they can also vote on other reviews.


  • A user can leave a rate & review by logging in
  • A user can upload images
  • A user can vote (interesting, lol or love) on a comment.
  • A listing owner can reply to review (once).
  • As per industry best practice, a listing owner is not allowed to delete review (only site admin).
  • If a listing owner gets 3 or less rating, the user dashboard has a dedicated section to alert.
  • A user can edit their review anytime.

Other benefits include

Brand exposure

The Young Jewellers Group has a membership base of over 5000 people. It is the largest jewellery industry group in Australasia and has become the “go to” community for all across the industry, both nationally and internationally.

Be seen as an industry leader

One of the most crucial factors in becoming an industry leader is to have extensive brand exposure that is a professional and consistent. Our highly interactive platform will allow your business and brand to portray itself to its full potential via photo, videos, galleries, deals and discounts; the list goes on.

Exclusive privileges

The Platinum level subscriptors will have exclusive access to advertising within the Young Jewellers Group Facebook Page. This includes cover photo access and regular pinned announcement posts. They will also receive six complimentary tickets to the annual Young Jewellers Group networking night which coincides with the International Jewellery Fair in Sydney.

Special credit on banner

You may be allowed special credit and be listing as a featured supplier to contractor for a month as part of the home page banner.

Engaged active database

The Young Jewellers Group members are highly engaged in the Facebook group with approximately 4200+ users active on a monthly basis. These active members would be directed securely to the wholesale directory by our expert administration team.

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